Migration update and old marshmallows

So the email migration has been going pretty well so far …time will tell. But for those that need it my new email is christi.baron@forksforum.com

I expect to hear from you.

In going through old emails I also found some writings Joshua Miles had sent some time back. He shared a story about going to his grandmother’s house to visit after a day of fishing. As we all know parents and or grandparents sometimes do things or have habits that seem odd or even a bit funny; but many times those habits etc. are shaped by life experiences that we may not be able to understand …

This was Josh’s humorous take on going to his grandmother’s for something to eat ….

There are very few things that add instant warmth as well as hot cocoa when the misery of failed fishing trips and hypothermia sets in. It is probably the best of the Instants. Also, high up the list, is going to Grandma’s house. My grandma, in peculiar- ahem, I mean particular, doesn’t have instant hot cocoa.

She does have instant black coffee (which I like) and she serves piping red-hot tomato soup straight from can to microwave to my tender unassuming tongue and innards. Yes-sir-ee, let me tell ya’, you know it is genuine Forks country cooking when it gets you jumping up and down pawing at your tongue, and running to lick ice cubes from the freezer with heavy pendulum tears hanging from your eyes. That soup sure warms me up right quick.

For dessert, she brings over her Danish cookie tin with little, warm windowed cottages on the lid. “Would you like one?” she asks. I look at hundreds of tiny white shriveled things inside. “Are they white mints?” I ask. “Marshmallows I brought back from Arizona, dearie,” she informs me. I nod, “Oh, right, I see what they are now. I should have been able to tell.” I take one and begin to nibble on it, swallowing bits of marshmallow and molar. I say, “Mmm, kind of like mini-Jaw Breaker meets Lucky Charms. How long ago did you vacation in Arizona, by the way?” I ask. She replies, “About 8 years ago when we got these nice roasting marshmallows.” “8 years ago? For—roasting?” I ask incredulously, then beg, “Can I reconstitute one in this bowl of hot lava, tomato soup please?”

Grandma’s kitchen of black coffee, tomato soup, and dehydrated marshmallows are just a smidgen of the wonderful Willy Wonka-like delectable secret recipes passed down for at least half a generation in our family. I have no idea why her recipes don’t catch on. I’ll have to tell you sometime about her infamous tuna, pickle, and peanut butter sandwiches.

Grandma’s food really sticks to my ribs and makes me feel like I couldn’t possibly eat another bite. I tell Grandma this, but I’m not sure if she appreciates my humor. Before leaving, I grab a handful of shriveled marshmallows -I never know when I’ll need more fish bait.

And …

This week starts the Guess the Rainfall Total Contest. Information is on the back page. You can enter once a week, for 4 weeks, at each participating business. Each business will have entry forms and a drop box …Then we will wait for Jerry King’s official total at the end of the year.

So the rain has started …

Christi Baron