More Random Thoughts

Dear Editor:

The following is only masquerading as a letter to the editor. It is actually only a cornucopia of unrelated topics and is the second such creation that I will have unleashed on your unsuspecting readers in recent weeks.

Lake Whatcom is roughly, very roughly, the size of Lake Crescent. It furnishes fresh water for about 100,000 county residents, On its shore is located, Bloedel-Donovan Park. Who do you suppose managed the park for most of the summer? A popular young man from Forks named Reece DePew, that’s who.

A gas tax based on mileage driven is underway in Oregon, on an experimental and voluntary basis, but it obviously can’t become effective unless it becomes mandatory.

Almost any complaint re: Israel’s stealing land from the West Bank will bring retaliatory charges of anti-Semitism. Strangely, both Jews and Arabs are Semites.

There are nearly 400 million guns in the U.S. for a population of over 320 million people. Only about half of us own them.

President Lincoln and Confederate president (no capital intentionally) were born a few miles from each other near small towns in Kentucky.

Two islands have played important roles in my life: Grand Island, NE (not really an island) and Orcas Island, largest island in the San Juans.

Attesting to the effects of the new wealth, one can now get a degree in “canine training management”, but I don’t recall where.

Hugo Black of the Supreme Court was once a member of the KKK, which reminds me that the Supreme court that delivered the Dread Scott decision comprised mostly slaveholders. That decision declared that blacks could never become citizens.

The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades — borrowed from the Reader’s Digest.

What is more worthless than a self-driving car?

When I was a high schooler, my superintendent, cum teacher advised me not to worry about our national debt (minuscule then) as long as it was internal. Now, much of is held by our chief economic rival. (I was her only student for Latin III and IV, only possible in a tiny school.)

Have you noticed that today’s attire is more informal? Jeans can be seen at weddings and funerals, but I hope that the girls don’t wear theirs with patches and holes. That would be carrying democratizing too far.

The World Bank says that by 2050 the effects of climate change will cause 143 million people to migrate. That’s nearly half of our country’s current population, and I don’t have much confidence in such long-range predictions anyhow.

More later with your permission,

Bob Hall

3827 Fraser St.

B’ham WA 98229