New Days New Ways

Dear Editor,

Yes, New Days will require some New Ways for wild steelhead survival.

The WDFW is using Public Input and Advisors to develop recommendations.

Information about the next Zoom Meeting, Tuesday, June 14, from 5-8 p.m. is available on the WDFW website: See: WDFW COASTAL STEELHEAD Advisory Group.

Public input is needed.

Many of us love those wild steelhead.

There may need to be some new ways to love these wild steelhead as they are beautiful icons of our community.

How to develop best practices to ensure what we must do to prevent Wild Steelhead from being LISTED as “Endangered” or even “Threatened” is our goal.

I have fished with my family and friends for fun and food for seventy years, and for 40 years guided many guests from near and far. I have eaten many wild and hatchery steelhead. Not so sure I want to eat any more wild steelhead as they are declining.

PUBLIC INVITED: The WDFW has agreed to record all the Coastal Steelhead Advisory Group Meetings.

Please see the WDFW website for video recordings and minutes of all previous zoom meetings and more information and reports: (

Input from the public is being used by the advisors to develop the best recommendations to find new ways. More input is needed.

We all may be surprised to learn how many folks would hope to see and know wild steelhead swim, live, and spawn in our rivers. As well, many may come here to learn as we work together to ensure their survival.

Roy Morris