New Ways New Days

Dear Editor,

As conditions, resources, and our communities change, what will we do? Working together, we will use many of our good ideas and practices of the past. As well, new opportunities will emerge.

Thursday, October 20, the new President for Peninsula College, Suzanne Ames, met with many local leaders and interested persons in the revitalized Forks Branch Peninsula College in downtown Forks.

It was exciting and reassuring to see so many folks with many good ideas. Most all have a history of important contributions to our communities over time.

President Suzanne Ames shared ideas and plans for new initiatives, approaches, and resources for learning and strengthening capacities for local employment. This is important to many in our communities as we have all seen many of our youth and neighbors having to travel away from here for education, training opportunities and jobs. This exodus has eroded many assets from our communities. Now, new Peninsula College President, Suzanne Ames pledged to increase and support learning opportunities here on the West End.

I believe she will. Her comments to the assembled community members attending her presentation made clear her commitment and ideas. She described her background in Vocational Education and her experience in leadership. I particularly appreciated her commitment to collaboration and working together – all together, avoiding turf wars, with a vision to the future and opportunities for all.

Rebecca Schwartz, Forks Extension Site Director, and her staff have already brought new energy and ideas in recent months. Now, more will happen with ideas, resources, and commitment being provided by our new Peninsula College President.

I am grateful and eager for the new sunrise of opportunities our communities will have to support us in these new days with new ways. Smiling as we go forward.

Roy Morris, Sekiu