OlyCAP Employment and Training Services


Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP) has now begun offering employment and training services. We are helping our participants find supported employment in our community to help them gain work experience, build both hard and soft skills, address barriers to employment, and help them make themselves more employable and better able to keep and secure living wage jobs.

The WorkFirst Community Jobs Program offers three types of supported employment services for parents on TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families).

Community Jobs is a paid work experience of 20 hours a week for up to six months. OlyCAP pays the wage, area employers provide the work experience and supervision. These worksites can be with nonprofit, tribal, and government agencies.

Career Jump offers employment opportunities with any employer who has agreed to hire the participant full time at the end of the training period. Participants are given 256 hours, (12 weeks at 20 hours/week or 6 weeks at 40 hours/week) before the participant will transition to the employer’s payroll. This is the only program where a for-profit employer may be utilized.

In partnership with area employers, community agencies, schools, and our funding sources, we can help our community members and families grow stronger.

If you feel your worksite would like to partner with us in providing these services and would like further information, please call Dina at 360-452-4726 Ext. 6222 or email:[email protected] If you know of other person or business that may be interested please forward this message to them.


Dina Rae Geiszler

Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP)