Overjoyed with Statement

Overjoyed with Statement

Dear Editor,

I was absolutely overjoyed to read that brief statement in the July 5 edition, Letter to the Editor, regarding city council prayer. I certainly stand with the writer of this brief statement. I am a staunch constitutionalist and devout Christian. The writer of this letter didn’t have to sign off as old just …wise.

All of us who know and care about the history of this great country know that it was founded on Godly principles, it is still very apparent today i.e. “In God we Trust” is clearly printed on our US currency and “One Nation Under God” is clearly stated in our Pledge of Allegiance.

There are many, many places/countries in which you can live on this big earth. The United States of America is still the very best land of the brave home of the free. A nation whose traditions have always been founded on Godly principles. To condemn and demean our council’s God given right to pray in public is very arrogant, shameful and divisive.

Stpehn G. Gracey