QVSA Committee says Thank YOU!

Class of 2017

Class of 2017

Dear Community,

The QVSA Committee and the graduating Class of 2017 would like to express our deep appreciation to our community for another successful scholarship auction.

Our goal is to offer an opportunity for Forks High School students to further their education.

The 2017 auction including donations totaled over $128,000 with over 1,500 items being auctioned. This was the 53rd successful year and this event has grown to be one of the most anticipated social events of the year. We would like to extend a special thank you to Forks High School for hosting the event, the Forks radio station (KFKB) for broadcasting live and the many volunteers in the community that help make the auction a success.

Cashier Table:

Cindy Spade, Randy and Cindy Messinbrink, Mary Ulin, Cherie Swanson, Vicki Queen, Kim Hull, Mike and Teri Leavitt, Bob Henry, Cathy Johnson, Emily Foster, Karen Es, Marcia Yanish, Gail Sharpe, Carin Hirsch, Audry Grafstrom, Stephanie Miller, Randi McColl, Anita Ferris, Juanita Weissenfels, Dawn Gray, Roger Lein

Check In Items Table:

Nora Leppell, Kim Justus, Shannon Justus, Tessa Hurn

Auction Table:

Tina Hagen, Ron and Tracy Hurn, Shelley Paul, Shannon Dahlgren, Linda McNulty


Sara Larson, Scott Burton, Josef Echeita, Emil West, Diana Reaume, Patty Brandt, Anastasia Rigby, Ismael Ramos-Contreras, Josh Goakey

Thank you to the many business owners in Forks and all surrounding communities for your wonderful donations. We appreciate your generosity every year.

We are truly thankful for your support.

QVSA Committee and the Graduating Seniors of 2017