Regarding Pastor Andy’s Statement

Having been a part of the Church now for 49 years not just part of a ‘religious group’, I have seen the respect and total contempt, for the Body Of Believers, all over the world. God did give us a mandate to just go into all the world. He also said Love Your Neighbor, which is both next door and around the world.

It would be the greatest blessing something I personally have been praying for, if both those opposed to expressions of Righteous Faith, and those who separate themselves by denominational protocols, would lay down, their differences and do what Jesus got Crucified for the nature of sinful people, to lay down their personal opinions, daring to take up the challenge of Jesus Himself, sharing the love of God with all.

It is not about filling buildings, with people who go through religious rituals, it is about walking and working together. As a community, whether you believe in God or not. It is not about My Opinion matters, it is about the freedom to express with respect to all !

I would challenge you all, to lay down your religious denominational difference, or just your lack of respect, allowing all to come together for the good of the Common-unity, of this town, and the Nation in general ! In this world we will have trouble, Jesus said, be of Good Cheer for I have overcome the world ! Help Your neighbor this towns’ people were once infamous for such things! Take down the walls put up, helping not hurting each other. Yes, you can when you are willing.

William Whitworth