Reply to Widow’s Letter

Reply to Widow’s Letter

Dear Widow,

Thank you for sharing openly what I and other widow friends experience. We agree that being ignored or forgotten openly shunned in group gatherings, or thought of as “making moves” on someone’s significant other are real challenges added to the loss and loneliness we continue to feel, whether a new widow or nine-year veteran like me.

Yes, we are strong women moving on with our lives, but when times get tough (and believe me, they do) getting a “man hug” of support is a comfort, as is the helpful hand with new-to-me tasks or must-get-done, hard chores. I am thankful for a handful of couples both near and far whose relationships are strong enough for me to be her friend, his friend, and their friend. People assume the hard times are holidays, which may be true, but harder still are the rebuffs and silent phones of every day. Widow, you went out on a limb with your letter, but know there are many other Janes in the tree with you! When asked if I wrote your letter, my response has been, “No, but I could have!” Thank you for speaking up for us all.

Shele Kinkead

Widow of Pastor Roger Kinkead