Rumor has it …

A few weeks ago a sign was placed near Wilson Road letting neighbors know of a fellow property owner’s plans to develop their property …and social media took over …and by the time it was over the Chinese were taking over the West End. So what was the truth?

Feeling the need to know the truth, the property owners were invited to last week’s West End Business & Professional Association meeting.

Jianli and her husband Sean have owned the property on Wilson Road for 10 years. They love coming to the area to relax and have a vision for agriculture and a Christmas Tree Farm.

Jianli admitted some of the confusion and fear from locals may have been fueled by experimental webpage development that mentioned a restaurant and other amenities not in the plan.

The couple hopes in addition to cabins, having greenhouses, and growing a crop that will benefit the area. So far they have planted blueberries and recently planted 200 noble firs. She has researched growing Saffron. “Our vision is to have greenhouses and about 15 acres planted up, maybe if it goes well to have a farmstand to sell what is grown,” the couple shared.

They have been working on a plan for seven to eight years for the 100 acres they have …the plan does include 40 cabins, the property is zoned for one cabin for every 5 acres, and a primitive campground. The cabins will not be equipped with kitchens. The plan also includes trails and maybe some archery activity …it does not include a golf course or, ‘Ferris Wheel.’

Sean said they hope to fill a need, “Eventually the Discovery Trail will come down La Push Road, there will be a need for places for people to stay.”

Sean and Jianli said they came here to be residents, what they have planned will be a long journey. They were aware of the Facebook talk and assured everyone at the meeting their plans don’t include a Chinese takeover.

“We care about the environment, we care about setbacks,” Jianli shared, adding that they still have a long way to go in what ultimately the county will approve for the final project.

The first step will be a public hearing scheduled for April 4, at 1 p.m. at the Clallam County Courthouse. The public may participate via Zoom Meeting ID 660 165 2237 Passcode 12345 or by phone at 1-235-215-8782.

Christi Baron, Editor