Dear Editor,

During the recent Sasquatch event, which our City does a wonderful job of supporting and promoting tourism in general, safety was ignored by closing off Division Street, and the only traffic light in Forks, heading East from US 101.

Safer options include blocking off A Street between the Hoh Tribe’s building and the Golden Gate Restaurant so as to keep the only traffic light in Forks fully functioning while we have a great influx of tourists and the accompanying traffic. Another safer option would also be to use Tillicum Park.

Additionally, we have a severe lack of crosswalks in our fair City, which issue has been brought to the attention of various Mayors and City Councils spanning several years. There are no crosswalks North of Calawah Way, and no crosswalks South of the Transit Center. Yet Bogachiel Way has a well-marked crosswalk at Founders Way replete with flashing lights, YAY! There should be more of a priority for safety along US 101.

Please address public safety issues by making these topics a priority as we promote tourism without leaving safety for all ignored.


William L. Plumley