School should fund educational trips

School should fund educational trips

Dear Editor,

I am responding here to a message on Facebook about fundraising for FHS juniors to go to see Hamilton for $10 per ticket. School SHOULD be honor bound to fund this incredible, educational experience without question. I pitched a yearly trip to Seattle to go to SAM and the Frye when I taught art at FHS with my argument that Forks kids are culturally deprived and a trip like this is a worthwhile and necessary experience for them.

Enriching. Educational. Important. Then I added that sports trips were funded no question and why not a bus trip for an actual educational enrichment? No need for buses to go on the ferry either. Kids can walk from the ferry to the Fifth Avenue Theater. Save some money there.

Let’s support our students in their journey to be informed, enriched and full of cultural enrichment of their Social Studies curriculum as well as being uplifted and inspired at the same time!

Salli Milici