Straightening out this mess …

Dear Editor:

We have only a few weeks until the mid-terms when the pattern will be laid for continued demise of this once wonderful country. All the blood, sweat and tears and amazing thoughts brought together by educated and brilliant members of our constitution drafters will be for naught.

Obama gave us a hint of his perverted belief of our constitution, he flatly stated while occupying the White House that he believed our Constitution could and should be updated to the current times. He failed to mention the successful implementation from original conception to the present time. He ignored intent and used false proclamations to formulate the mess we are now dealing with, being carried out by “hold overs” from his administration.

Our personal freedoms, right to self-protection are now whatever the government says they are, made up as they go along.

Our major cities are becoming uninhabitable because of crime, drug use and lack of law enforcement. Police departments are underfunded by liberal city administrations and are short of staff as are prisons. Inmates are released early from their sentences while those committing crimes are released before the police report ink is dry, most of the time without bail!

Do we want or can we survive two more years of our current speaker of the house, and our democratic senate leader?

My belief is that if Biden doesn’t fall off a stage or again hide in his basement, maybe the “Red” takeover can straighten this mess out.

Phil Reed