They don’t lock their cars in Clallam Bay, do they?



One of my favorite things to do is spend a day in Clallam Bay and/or Sekiu. So last Thursday I asked my mom if she would like to join me for a drive to the sister towns on the strait. It didn’t start out well, though, as I was just about to Beaver when I realized all the paperwork I needed to take with me to Clallam Bay was on my desk in Forks. So back to Forks and after retrieving paper work it was back on the road to Clallam Bay.

It was a beautiful drive it rained and the sun shined sometimes at the same time and the road department was cleaning ditches. Once in Clallam Bay the first stop was Sunset’s West Co-op where Jane greeted me with a hug and showed us around and hinted that there may be interest in a Forks co-op, the co-op was pretty impressive, potatoes, sweet potatoes, dairy, bulk items and herbs and spices as well as artwork filled the space.

Since the Chamber of Commerce/visitors center was not open for the season we moved on. The Three Sisters Art Gallery was also closed, but the drive along the water was beautiful then we dipped down in to Sekiu.  The Café by the Bay was busy and outside the activity made you feel like spring was around the corner as several men went about their work.

We stopped for lunch at The Breakwater and enjoyed the view as we enjoyed lunch. The owner of the restaurant said things are hard, each year there are fewer people but she is still there, and the food is still good.

Anything we feel in Forks about being left out or forgotten is magnified for those that live in Clallam Bay/Sekiu but the people that live there, love it there, they are happy from the inside and if you go there you can see it by the way they love their community and the fun activities they create.

Our final stop was the Weel Road Deli, where not too long ago a man tried to hold the place up and the clerk wouldn’t have any part of it, and it ended with some duct tape restraining the criminal. After taking care of business I came out of the deli and went to get in my car, but my mother was gone where did she go?

Looking up I saw her sitting in the vehicle next to the vehicle I was getting in too. While I was in the store a pick-up identical to mine parked along side and I was getting in the wrong car. The fact my mother was not in the passenger seat was not the only giveaway there was no golden retriever hair in the twin car. So I shut the door on the wrong car and took a photo and quickly got in my own car. I find it heartwarming that somebody didn’t lock their car, especially when everyone in the world is so untrusting.

So, Clallam Bay/Sekiu, as I plan more trips to your community, I will try to give you a heads-up so that you can all lock your cars and I can bring my own duct tape.