Tsunami Alert

Dear Editor,

The recent Tsunami drill that morphed into a false alarm, could have had serious repercussions. What reduced the stampede of panicked evacuees, was that next to every “Tsunami Evacuation Route ” sign is another sign that says “Discover Pass required.”

It was sort of like the posse chase scene in the movie Blazing Saddles. The posse was stopped in their tracks by a toll road gate. Someone had to go back to town for a bag of coins. Today, we all have cell phones, and there is probably a small phone number on the Discover Pass sign.

We can all call in, and use our credit or debit cards for the needed passes. Of course there will be a delay as we are notified there is a “ten caller queue” ahead of us. Better HOPE that Tsunami is a false alarm!

Al Pelletier

Clallam Bay