What is being done about heroin?

What is being done about heroin?

Editor’s note: This letter included the names and general addresses of people the writer described as ‘heroin dealers’ I have removed them but I think his/her point will still be made.

Dear Editor,

What is being done for the heroin that is in Forks?

I know the cops can only do so much but there must be more we can do?

I know of three local dealers that are now in prison, and out of here, but we still have four doing business on the east side of Forks.

My family has been dealing with this for several years now. Why are the dealers still around to sell the heroin? Once people are addicted to the heroin there is no treatment here in Forks. You can travel to Port Angeles once a week for Suboxone or every day to Hoquiam for other treatment.

Someone had talked about making Kriebel’s old office into a treatment place, where local people could get help; but I guess not. I worry about our young kids.

Name withheld