Project Platinum Reviews – Real On Demand Training by Robby Blanchard?

Are you looking for the best training to help you become a successful affiliate? Robby Blanchard provides exclusive training that provides all the information you need to kickstart your affiliate-marketing journey. On Demand Training is a live-stream course that provides insight into Project Platinum.

Here is a comprehensive review of On Demand Training that will help you know everything about the live stream.

What is On Demand Training?

On Demand Training is a live training program by Robby Blanchard that helps individuals generate income with less hassle. The program focuses on a 3-step turnkey system that will enable you to earn up to $250,000 through affiliate marketing.

The training teaches users how to take advantage of A. I technology to reduce the amount of time spent on your laptop. The AI-powered software helps generate fast profits with consistency and within a short period.

You can use the software tool to run ads across all social media platforms. According to Robby Blanchard, AI technology has helped his students make $100 million in online sales without websites, email lists, social media following, or owning products. Blanchard’s strategies work for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned marketer.

The founder of Project Platinum eliminates testing or guessing to find the best product in the market to sell. On Demand Training is for any individual looking to attain financial freedom and grow a successful online business.

Platinum Project is a tried and tested program that has thousands of success stories. The program gives you access to expert coaching, which provides support and motivation for all members. You can register for the On Demand Training live stream and learn more about the Platinum Project.

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About the Founder

Robby Blanchard is the founder of Platinum Project, which brings to you On Demand Training. He is one of the top ClickBank affiliates with over $15 million in sales. Blanchard is passionate about affiliate marketing and has since created Commission Hero and the 1K A DAY brand.

After school, Blanchard started his fitness company, and in the spirit of growing his business, he decided to try Facebook ads to attract more customers. Blanchard then decided to venture into affiliate marketing and since then, has never looked back.

Over the years, Robby Blanchard has developed strategies that have made him one of the top ClickBank affiliates and won multiple diamond awards. He has since helped thousands of people earn passive income through affiliate marketing. He currently has students making $250,000 passive income per year.

Robby Blanchard created Project Platinum, which uses a 3-step approach to earn you income. He is doing an On Demand Training, which you stream live by registering on the official website. The training gives you insight into what Project Platinum is all about and how you can implement it to generate income.

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How Does On Demand Training Work?

The training about Platinum Project is a life-changing course that maximizes your income with a three-step turnkey system. The course requires you to promote ClickBank products on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

The course gives you access to AI software that will assist in automating up to 95% of your work. The tool creates a win-win situation, which saves you time and, at the same time, generates income. It enables you to reach a wider audience and boost your revenue.

The training provides comprehensive information on how to start your online business and make the most out of it. Blanchard recommends the most profitable products that you can sell for maximum profits.

He also helps you learn how to create high-converting landing pages and drive high traffic. You will discover how to monitor your sales using an AI tool that tracks every sale.

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Here is What the Platinum Project Entails

The Platinum Projects is a 6-week masterclass that provides the necessary tools, AI software, coaching, and knowledge to get you started. It also has done-for-you landing pages, videos, ads and more.

6-Week Platinum Masterclass

The masterclass provides a 6-week live training and coaching that will enable you to attain high profits and reach your Platinum goal. The training sessions consist of strategies, tools, and blueprints that will help you get the best results.

12 Months Access to Project Platinum AI Software

The program provides you with the necessary AI software that will help reduce manual work and save you time. The software writes ads in 30 seconds, provides creativity, drives sales, and helps find a hidden audience. It also uses custom tools to create images and edit videos in record time.

Money Magnet Traffic Planning

The training provides a step-by-step blueprint that enables you to make daily sales. Robby shares secrets on how to amplify your ad campaigns and generate traffic.

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$250K Elite Platinum Offers

Robby helps you get the best deals, negotiate, and generate high commissions. He eliminates uncertainty by striking deals with the highest converting offers. There is no need to waste time researching products. It’s time to make over $250K.

Project Platinum Coaching Group

Project Platinum gives you access to a private coaching group that allows you to ask questions, connect with other members and experts and get the necessary motivation to become successful. You will get inspired by other people’s stories, share challenges and your progress and engage in dynamic discussions.

7 Figure Platinum Case Studies

You will get access to case studies that are crucial in learning about affiliate marketing. The program also includes interviews done by Robby himself that will help you know how other people attained so much success. The case studies enable you to apply the techniques to own your success story one day.

Instant Scale Training

The training helps you learn how to scale your business and increase your income from $500 to $5000 or more. Following Robby’s techniques and strategies in the module will enhance your success in digital marketing.

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Additional Bonuses

Robby Blanchard doesn’t stop there. Platinum Project comes with the following bonuses:

Access to virtual events: Robby gives a free ticket to the next virtual event that will help you learn from experts who earn 6-to 7 figures per year with Project Platinum. The events provide strategies, coaching and training on how to become a successful affiliate marketer. The ticket to the virtual events costs $1000, but as Robby’s student, you will access it for free.

YouTube 6-week Masterclass- it gives you access to private strategies that focus on YouTube ads and how to drive traffic and double your income. Understanding YouTube campaigns will increase your chances of becoming successful.

Project Platinum Landing Page Builder- the bonus gives you landing page builder software that helps create winning landing pages to maximize your revenue.

DFY 7-Figure Landing Pages- it gives you access to a set of landing pages that Robby has used to earn millions. Robby gives you the templates at no extra cost.

Full Access to Spy Hero- the bonus gives you access to 30 days of the full Spy Hero research tool. The spy tool enables you to collect data and create Facebook and YouTube ads for one month.

Full Access to Cometly- you will have access to tracking software that enables you to scale your campaigns and grow free for the first 30 days.

The Project Platinum App- you can download the Project Platinum app on your mobile phone and have the necessary strategies and techniques whenever you need. The app is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Upgrade to Lifetime Access to the Project Platinum AI Software- Robby allows you to get lifetime access to the Project Platinum AI Software if you sign up early.

Platinum Celebrity Offer Access- Mile Tyson is one of the celebrities featured on Project Platinum. He provides exclusive offers to members when you register.

Full Access to Commission Hero Course- besides the Project Platinum Masterclass, Robby is generous enough to give members access to the Commission Hero Course, which costs $2000.

Get a Vacation on us- if you attain your Platinum goal, Robby provides a complimentary vacation to your dream destination, allowing you to relax, explore, and have fun. The complimentary vacation is fully paid, so you don’t have to worry about accommodation or food.

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  • According to On-Demand Training, you can make up to $250K per year;
  • The Project Platinum program is ideal for both beginners and experts;
  • The program provides tried and tested techniques, not guesswork;
  • It saves you money and time by using AI tools;
  • You don’t have to buy products, create a landing page, edit, or create an ad;
  • You will get inspiration and knowledge from Robby and his team of experts, who are also successful in digital marketing;
  • On-Demand Training provides comprehensive step-by-step training about everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, from identifying the best product to driving traffic.


  • Project Platinum is not for anyone who wants to get rich quickly;
  • The program requires you to commit your time to learning first before implementing the strategies and techniques.


You can register for the On Demand Training on the website for free. The training gives you insight into the life-changing Project Platinum course, which will help you make up to $250K. After the training, you can join the Platinum Project course at $2,497 or pay $997 in installments for three months.


On Demand Training is a training course by Robby Blanchard that helps individuals become successful affiliates. Robby shares his blueprint and business model that will earn you up to $250K per year.

The live stream provides step-by-step training and access to other affiliates using Project Platinum. On Demand Training introduces users to AI software that allows you to automate tasks, which helps save time.

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