4th of July Sacks Tournament

There were 54 teams this year for the annual 4th of July Sacks Tournament, the most ever! The event continues to grow with teams having been turned away last year, because 50 was the max number of boards available, Devennie and Shane Anderson, owners of Subway/76, donated $500 to the cause so more boards could be built for this year’s event. Thanks to the added boards, 64 teams can now participate.

First-place winners got $300, second-place $200, third-place 100, fourth-place $60, and fifth and sixth got $50.

The first-place winners donated all their winnings back to Make a Wish, and third-place winners donated all but their buy back to Make a Wish!

In total $1,240 was raised for Make A Wish this year! Thanks to everyone who came to play and thanks to Subway/76 for sponsoring this year so more boards could be added. First-place winners were Mike Hirsch and Kurt Olson, second-place Colton and Mark Raben, third-place Parker Browning and Jason Richard, fourth-place Ernie Penn and Derek Benally, fifth and sixth places Dan Finn and Shawn Lackey and Frank Rogers and Rich Grossen. It was a great way to kick off the Fourth of July!

There will be a Sacks tournament for Relay For Life in August; stay tuned for more details.