Anglers pull in big catches at Last Chance

Winners of the 2013 Last Chance Salmon Derby were, from left, chinook: Tim Gauthun 30.8 lbs, Randy Lato standing in for Gerald Hanson 30.4 lbs, Will Quinn 27.8 lbs; coho: Cliff Dopps 10.6 lbs, John Rand 7.5 lbs, Jan DeFelice 7.2 lbs; bottom fish: Drew Persoon 29.4 lbs (lingcod)


Tim Gauthun’s 30.8-pound chinook was the biggest fish at the Last Chance Salmon Derby Saturday in LaPush.


Cliff Dopps landed a 10.6-pound coho for top honors in that category, and Drew Persoon’s 29.4-pound lingcod was the biggest bottom fish.


Despite an iffy forecast last week, Saturday’s weather was just enough for anglers to get on the water. Sunday’s high winds, however, prompted the Coast Guard to restrict boats going out, and the contest was stopped.


Prizes of $500 each for largest chinook and largest coho were awarded to Gauthun and Dopps.


Gerald Hanson earned $250 for his second-prize, 30.4-pound chinook.


John Rand’s 7.5-pound coho was good the $250 runner-up prize.


In third place, earning $100 each, were Will Quinn with a 27.8-pound chinook and Jan DeFelice with a 7.2-pound coho.


The ticket-holder drawing was held for items donated to the derby by local merchants.  


The grand prize, a two-night stay at the Quileute Oceanside Resort in LaPush, was awarded to former Forks resident Richard Hansen.  


The Last Chance Salmon Derby is an annual event co-sponsored by the city of Forks, the Quileute tribe and the Forks Chamber of Commerce.