Nate Crippen Tournament Results

The Nate Crippen Tournament was held last weekend at the Forks High School gym.

Men’s Upper Division

1st Place: Black Diamond Electrical (Port Angeles)
2nd Place: Olympic Sporting Goods (Forks)
3rd Place: PA Swimmin Hole & Fireplaces (Port Angeles) Spoons (Bellingham)

Women’s Division

1st Place: Shooting Stars (Neah Bay)
2nd Place: Wa’atch (Neah Bay)
3rd Place: D&C Lock and Key (Forks) Inkredibles (Puyallup)

Men’s Lower Division

1st Place: Bay Area (Clallam Bay)
2nd Place: D&R Cedar (Forks)
3rd Place: Ron’s Food Mart (Forks) LeDukes (Port Angeles)

Individual Awards

Nate Crippen Award Men’s: Parker Browning (Ron’s Food Mart)
Nate Crippen Award Women’s: Jennifer Damon (Steven’s Angels)

Most Valuable Player

Men’s Upper Division: Mike Claxton (Black Diamond Electrical)
Women’s Division: Cierra Moss (Shooting Stars)

Most Outstanding Player

Men’s Lower Division: Danny Angulo (Bay Area)

All Tournament Teams

-Men’s 1st Team All Tournament: Jeff Nelson (Black Diamond Electrical) “Uncle Walt” Tucker (Olympic Sporting Goods) Beau Pilon (Olympic Sporting Goods) Dave Clark (PA Swimmin Hole & Fireplaces) Pete Carlson (Spoons)
-Women’s 1st Team All Tournament: Jackie Haltunnen (Shooting Stars) Tawny Juluis (Wa’atch) Ali Crumb (7 Cedars) Shayla Nagel (Wa’atch) Courtnie Paul (D&C Lock and Key)
-Men’s 2nd Team All Tournament: Jerry Johnson (GHC Finest) Darryl Jordan (Tacoma Hoops) Ryan Franklin (D&H Enterprises) Abe Venske (Ocean Thunder) Fidel Angulo (Bay Area)
-Women’s 2nd Team All Tournament: Amanda Carper (JK All Nation) Kara Kradow (Weel Road Deli) Jessica “Baby Ca” Greene (Neah Bay) Lisa Haltunnen (Shooting Stars) Dramikah Skaar (Inkredibles)
-Men’s Upper Championship Game: Black Diamond Electrical – 71 Olympic Sporting Goods – 59
-Women’s Championship Game: Shooting Stars – 51 Wa’atch – 37
-Men’s Lower Division Championship Game: Bay Area – 64 D&R Cedar – 58