Pee Wee basketball really scores

  • Thu Apr 3rd, 2014 5:56pm
  • Sports

Coach Colton Raben listens to his Spartans team plead for more playing time as they get ready for the last few minutes of the last game of the season.

For Colton Raben and Kody Hansen, Pee Wee basketball has come full circle, having started out playing and now coaching the two are even using the experience as a senior project.

Kody’s mom Kayla brought the idea back to the West End Youth League after seeing her nephew playing in another town.

Kayla said “I made it for first and second graders and for girls and boys and called it Pee Wee basketball, that first year we had seventy kids sign up.”

The teams have practice during the week and learn the basics of basketball, during games there is no score keeping and if there is a foul or an error made the game is stopped and the player is told what they did and how they should do it, like just running with the ball and not dribbling which happens a lot at first.

Parents referee and coach, during the game Hansen could be heard calling out “sandwich” he wasn’t hungry it was one of the names of one of the plays that had been taught to the kids, other plays are “popcorn” and “hotdog.”

Besides coaching other parents help out with practice and game schedule, uniforms and gym time.

At the end of the last game of the season, the Spartans having taken on the Tigers, the players lined up and congratulated each other on a good game everybody was a winner.