Bees swarm at First Federal

Merrill in his beekeeper’s protective gear and a box works to round up the buzzing mass. Submitted Photos

The First Federal parking lot in Forks was all abuzz last Wednesday, not because of new interest rates, but because a swarm of honeybees decided to swarm there. The staff at the bank contacted local beekeeper Jonas Merrill who came to the rescue.

It’s the time of year when honeybees are splitting their hives, one-half taking the queen with them and eating a bunch of honey before heading out to search for their new home.

Honeybees don’t want to sting you and they especially don’t want to sting you in their swarm state. If you walk out into your backyard and you see that, you’re probably going to freak out if you don’t know what’s going on. The safest thing to do is contact somebody like Jonas Merrill!