Hoh Tribe takes steps to close the Digital Divide

The Hoh Indian Tribe recently selected Native Network to complete a Broadband Feasibility Study. The Tribe wanted a feasibility study to assess the current broadband environment, identify opportunities to enhance broadband and municipal services, and identify opportunities to accelerate the deployment of broadband infrastructure. Native Network and the Hoh Indian Tribe Council kicked off the project with a meeting in early August 2017 and the company will deliver a comprehensive feasibility study, including a shovel-ready five-year implementation plan, in November 2017.

“The Hoh Tribe is very excited to start this project with Native Network. In the world we live in today, reliable internet is a necessity. Most tribes are in rural America and are underserved by broadband internet services,” says the Honorable Maria Lopez, Chairwoman of the Hoh Tribe.

“As Tribal Governments, it is our responsibility to provide public safety services, health, and human services, and most importantly educational support for our youth. The internet is a vital tool to provide the services that are needed in our communities.” Lopez went on to address other issues that the Hoh Tribe struggles with on a regular basis: “The electronic reporting that is required by most state and federal agencies is another hurdle for tribes, like the Hoh, that lack reliable internet. Tribal Governments must have the capabilities to work successfully with our federal and state agencies. The Hoh Tribe looks forward to moving into the digital age with rest of the world.”

“I applaud the leadership team, headed up by Council Chairwoman Lopez, for the Hoh Tribe’s vision and dedication in bringing robust broadband infrastructure to their Reservation and ultimately improving the economic vitality for their members,” said Jenny Rickel, COO &co-founder of Native Network. “We look forward to helping them take a leap into the 21st century.”