Couple’s Ministry Takes Root in Forks

German and Connie Granillo have been in Forks since May and they are cold!

Having come from their previous home in Blythe, Calif. where the temperature can get over 120 degrees they are trying to adapt. They have come to the community to a ministry with the First Baptist Church.

In addition to his work at the church, German has also received orientation so that he can also provide his services at Olympic Corrections Center and Callam Bay Corrections Center.

Where he lived previously German worked as a chaplain for jails for 10 years. He calls his work in his previous communities and now in Forks …Church planting: Create a church, help it grow and then move on. German is now holding evening church services at the Baptist Church as well as a service at Alder Grove.

His mission is the creation of a Spanish church and then to prepare the people to continue the job. German said, “I enjoy small towns, this is a nice place, so green but so cold.”

Connie has joined the Friends of the Forks Library and also says Forks is a nice place.

German also hopes that his speaking Spanish can help community members in other ways as well.