West End Thunder News

WET has found it necessary to make some financial changes in order to lower some of the club costs. One of the costs that can be lowered is the insurance which is cheaper if only club members are allowed to race. For that reason the following is offered in an effort to alleviate any confusion and reduce costs:

Club Membership remains at $25.00/year


Anyone wishing to race must be a club member. In addition, the cost of any race entry fees will apply as before. There will be no exceptions. All racers must be members and pay the appropriate fees.

The Forks track is not an NHRA sanctioned track but uses the NHRA rules as a guideline.


New for 2019 there are two payment options for spectators at the races which are as follows;

1. Spectators can pay a one-time membership fee of $25 which will allow access to all races all season with no additional cost for entry. Or/2. Spectators can pay a $5/day entry fee for each day they wish to attend the races.

Overall this optional payment of a membership saves 50 percent off of the cost of attending an entire race weekend for each of the 5 events and it helps keep the club insurance cost down.

If there are any questions about this please contact Phil Arbeiter, Club Administrator, at 360-640-4444.

2019 Race Schedule

May 25-26

June 22-23

July 13-14

Aug. 10-11

Rain day Aug 24-25

Sept. 7-8