Feeding 5000 says Tahnk you

Dear Editor,

In addition to the generous support previously recognized, the Feeding 5000 ministry would like to thank groups and individuals who have supported this effort more recently. Thank you to the Allen Charitable Trust and the following people: Christie Stallman, Milton and Deeana Beck, Bruce Peters, Richard and Tamara Marshall, Teresa Santman, Sherry Schaaf, Mary Howell, and Kay Sullivan.

Individual churches have given us their support also. We apologize if you are not recognized here as we sometimes miss individuals unknowingly. Through all this generosity we serve quality, nourishing, and absolutely delicious food once a week while providing a place to gather, talk, and eat. It is because of this community’s support that we are able to do this. So, once again, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from all the Feeding 5000 volunteers.