Seeking Comfort

Seeking Comfort

Hello Forks folks,

Elk, you know the critters. There’s uptown elk, downtown elk, outta town elk, yep there’s a bunch of them. My yellow lab and I like to watch the airport family.

The winter has been nasty, cold, wet, snow we’ve had it all. Now the elk are everywhere looking for green food. Imagine trying to survive this winter outside with no shelter and little food.

A week ago we had a little yearling girl show up alone to dine on our new grass. She had a big case of the munchies and never quit eating, front, back, side yard she had it all to herself.

She was out front when I backed my Ford into the garage for the night. We entered through the kitchen door, chicken from Outfitters for dinner, KaBoom is a report from the garage, something made a loud noise where my Ford sleeps.

I turn on the lights and step out into a no-door garage. Looking down behind the truck I could see the elk on the concrete floor looking back at me. Yikes! An elk inside — who knew this could happen? Well, I returned to the house and thought that she would be gone in the morning.

After a.m. coffee I took a look behind my truck, wow, she’s still there lying down looking at me. This is a wild critter and hanging out with a truck is not normal.

I got in contact with Kit Rosenberger, a fish and wildlife sergeant who just happened to be in the Forks area on Saturday about noon. Well, out he came to have a look.

The elk had moved to just outside my kitchen door and was lying down again. She was still very wet from being outdoors all day Friday. Sergeant Rosenberger arrived and thought she was malnourished and did not have much hope of survival.

He told me that he would return if the worst happened, just give him a call. She was young and she was going to die soon.

I brought out a big fluffy towel, sat down on the cold, wet concrete floor and put her head in my lap and wrapped her in the towel and told her she was beautiful.

I told this young elk that my spirit loved her and I would stay with her until the end, and I did. I hugged her head to give her warmth and watched a few tears fall on her face.

She was gone so I gave Sergeant Rosenberger a call and loaded her into his truck; he was the best and I thank him. Rest in peace young elk girl, rest in peace.

Rob Holbrook