Visiting at LTC

Family, Friends, and Residents:

The presence of the current COVID-19 pandemic in Washington has resulted in long periods of separation for us all, and the consequences are concerning to everyone. Thank you for your forbearance while we worked to create new procedures that lowered the risk and aided in the prevention of a possible spread of COVID-19 into our LTC unit. All staff and residents who were tested for COVID-19 were negative, and we are working to ensure our residents stay COVID-19 free by keeping exposure to a minimum. Thank you for your patience while everyone in the unit learned to FaceTime. We appreciate family and friends that have had conversations through windows. While FaceTime and window visits are lovely, we are aware that they are not enough to keep your loved one’s loneliness away.

All staff and residents who were tested for COVID-19 were negative. At this time, we would like to encourage you to visit with your loved one by the outdoor patio when the weather is permitting. However, to provide quality care for ALL our residents, you will need to schedule an appointment, as our awning will allow for only 2 residents at a time to be kept safely out of the sun. Until noon, the building provides shade from the sun so that 4 residents may be on the patio.

Please call 360-374-6271, ext. 110 to make an appointment. Currently, we are unable to meet last-minute calls for visitation. Our Administrative Assistant is here Monday – Friday until 5 p.m. to schedule an appointment for you. Please make appointments for the weekend during the week.

Please keep in mind when you are making an appointment that our meals are served at 0730, 1200, and 1700 and staff are busy getting all the residents ready for the meal. Also, many of the residents lie down after lunch for a nap.

You will be required to wear a face mask at all times and remain 6 feet from your loved one. Visitors must remain 6 feet from each other as well, unless from the same household.

The amount of community spread of COVID-19 could delay or change visitation for LTC as more tourists visit our area.

Please be respectful of others by showing up on time and being prepared to leave on time, this will allow ALL residents the opportunity for in-person visits.

Coming to visit at Forks Community Hospital LTC Unit

1. Call Monday – Friday to schedule an appointment for weekdays and weekends. 360-374-6271 ext. 110.

2. Visitation will take place by the outdoor patio. Visitors will remain outside the patio; residents will remain under the awning, out of the sun. If before noon, residents may remain in the shade provided by the building.

3. Visitors will maintain a 6 feet distance from the resident.

4. Please wear a face mask or cloth face covering; and must remain on during the visit.

5. Length of visit time may be limited to allow all family and friends an opportunity to visit. Please be respectful of others.

Thank you,

Dawn Harris, MSN, RN

LTC Director

FCH Community Hospital – LTC Unit