A look Back …This week in the Forks Forum

This week in 1999 Forks Police Chief Bruce Hall had announced that pedestrian safety was going to be a main focus of his department. Tickets would be issued for drivers who didn’t stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. Twenty-four search warrants had been issued in a major drug raid in the West End. A full-page ad recognized the accomplishments of the Spartan Basketball team and their exciting season and trip to state finals (photo).

In 1974 Sunnyside Enterprises was seeking approval from the city to build a 6-unit apartment complex near the Forks Elementary School. The cost of the project was estimated at $80,000. The council had approved planters in front of Forks State Bank. The Ink Spots were appearing at the new Vagabond venue.

In 1952 two hundred pounds of spruce tree seeds were being stored at the Mill Creek Food Lockers. The seeds were destined to be dropped by plane over the area burned in the big September fire. To distract birds and rodents from eating them they had been dyed bright green. The Lake Pleasant Plywood Plant had been purchased by the National Plywood Company. The Olympic Theater was planning a Vaudeville show; admission was $1.50.