American Elm Heritage Project Information Series:

Michael Trebert Chapter DAR invites the Forks

Community to the American Elm Heritage Project

Site Dedication on April 29

The Michael Trebert Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (MTCDAR) will hold an interpretive site dedication on Arbor Day, Friday, April 29, 2022, at 12 noon at the Tillicum Park Pavilion in Forks, Wash. The public is invited to attend.

The Dedication’s program includes the unveiling of an interpretive sign that describes significant events of the Revolutionary War, a commemorative planting of disease-resistant American elm saplings, speakers from the city, Washington Department of Natural Resources, USDA Forest Service and MTCDAR, and a presentation by George Washington, commander of the Continental Army, who led American forces to victory in the Revolutionary War and served as president from 1789 to 1797.

The site dedication is the culmination of a year-long effort by the organization to promote education, conservation and patriotism in the Forks community through the American Elm Heritage Project. The focus of much of this year’s work has been to increase awareness of the American elm, a significant symbol of freedom and liberty for our country, that was severely impacted by Dutch elm disease. Our community is helping to restore the tree by planting disease-resistant clones of an elm tree named “Herbie” which was alive during the American Revolution. The Community of Forks is participating with the Elm Research Institute to grow trees that will eventually contribute clone material for future plantings throughout the species’ native range.

According to Judy Tordini, MTCDAR regent said the Project will be conducted again in Sequim (2022-23) and Port Angeles (2023-24). “The project is one of the first of its kind in America to prepare for the upcoming 250th Anniversary in 2026 of our nation’s founding,” she said.

“The American elms planted near the site serve as a living memorial to the patriots of our nation whose sacrifices ensured our nation’s independence and established our Republic. The sign tells the story about that early struggle,” Tordini said.

According to Tordini, the Project was made possible through donations and help from local businesses, organizations and individuals. “The Michael Trebert Chapter wishes to thank and recognize the sponsors, partners, donors and venders for their valuable contributions to this project.,” she said. “It has been an honor to work alongside all of the individuals and groups from Clallam County that have helped us reach this important milestone,” she added.

For more information about the American Elm Heritage Project Dedication, please send an email to Marianne Burton at [email protected]