Not seen around, very often, a T-Rex on Forks Avenue. Photo Christi Baron

Not seen around, very often, a T-Rex on Forks Avenue. Photo Christi Baron

Cascadia event, sober event, unnecessary event, and weird event!

  • Thu Dec 19th, 2019 7:44am
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This month is more than half over and the year 2019 is soon coming to an end, have you done anything this year to prepare for a major natural disaster? like the Cascadia event that is predicted to hit our area at some point.

Jim Buck is a former Republican state representative and retired structural engineer who lives in Joyce and he shared his expertise on the subject at a recent Forks Chamber of Commerce meeting.

When The Big One happens, Buck says he expects the vast majority of us to survive. But a magnitude 9 rupture on the Cascadia earthquake fault will likely cut electricity, running water and sewer for weeks — or even months — afterward. It will damage roadways and bridges for who knows how long?

Buck advises us to be ready to camp wherever you may find yourself; home, work, or your car. Apparently a common sense gap keeps us from getting ready. We know we should but just don’t.

Buck says a permission structure needs to be built, we need to prepare a little each week, each day. Like the fable of the Grasshopper and the ant, taking time to get ready now will pay off if and when the time comes. And your crazy prepper neighbor will be looking like your best friend but they may not want to be your friend when a disaster strikes!

Some scary predictions say we could see a six-foot drop in the earth below our feet and the shaking might last for five minutes! Buck shared that the nice new guardrail around Lake Crescent will act as a retaining wall and all the debris from the hillside will pile up there! Good news, I guess is that we won’t see the liquefaction that Port Angeles and Sequim might see. Then there is the tsunami that will hit 20 feet in some areas.

And, if it is summertime we are going to have thousands of visitors here that will want to get out of here! Buck said we should plan on being on our own at least 30 days and maybe longer …do you have what it takes to exist for 30 days for everyone in your family and pets?

So what do you want for Christmas? Maybe some preppy items? Think about it …your neighbors will thank you. other news…

Sober New Years Eve

Organizers are working on plans for an alternative for New Year’s Eve. The VFW on Spartan Ave. will host a Sober New Year’s Eve Event on Tuesday, Dec. 31, from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. for those 18 years old and older. There will be pool and Foosball plus food and non-alcoholic beverages. Watch for more details next week.

Forks Food Bank Break-in

This week there were two Grins for what the volunteers do for those in our community that need help. So it is just absolutely sad that individuals broke into the Food Bank last weekend! They broke a window out that now will need to be replaced using funds that could be better spent. Pat Soderlind, with the Food Bank, said more than likely they would have given the individuals the food items they took. The Food Bank is now looking at beefing up windows, doors etc. Again spending funds that should be used for better things!

T-Rex in Town

A ticked-off T-Rex stopped by the Forks Forum office on Monday afternoon a little mad and carrying in its short little arms a newspaper clipping of the chicken that made it into the paper last week. I think she was really wanting the chicken’s address, T-Rex’s are meat eaters! The large theropod said she wanted equal time. So I obliged and took her photo. She was also carrying a backpack full of chocolate Santa’s, and she gave me two! Last I saw she was headed for the Transit Center.

Christi Baron, Editor