Enjoyable Fall harvest as Hoko River State Park volunteers dig potatoes

  • Wed Sep 25th, 2019 3:06pm
  • Life

On Sunday morning, Sept. 16, the rain poured as it had for two days. Potato Dig volunteers showed up at Cowan Heritage Farm at 2 p.m. dressed in rain gear and equipped with shovels and smiles.

After learning about the events of the summer at the farm, the group toured the heritage garden and the orchard before digging potatoes. As the got to work, the sun came out for two hours. The group responded with gusto, digging the potatoes, sorting for seed potatoes and separating potatoes by type. They washed the “share” potatoes for distribution.

By end of the afternoon, the group tilled the potato fields, cleaned the rows, and left with a sense of accomplishment, a bag of potatoes, and some chard.

This year, there was a special focus on learning from one another and planning for improvements next year.