Charter Review Commission Candidates’ Listening Session and Candidate Forum – Forks

  • Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 9:38am
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The Charter Review Commission Candidates’ Listening Sessions and Candidate Forums, which are being held throughout Clallam County, came to Forks on Friday, Sept. 27. It was held at the Forks Athletic and Aquatic Club Community Room.

Candidates for Charter Review Commission, from all three districts, were invited to attend. The following candidates were able to attend:

District 3 (West End Area):

Deborah (Deb) Cooke, Rod Fleck, Kenneth P. Reandeau, and Therese (Tree) Stokan

District 2 (Port Angeles Area):

William Kildall, Kraig Kyllo, and Jane Vanderhoof

Following are some of the issues raised, for consideration for review, during the next term of the Clallam County Charter Review:

Maury Modine, a candidate for Port Commissioner asked the candidates if they thought the issue of turning County Trust Lands over to the Clallam County Commissioners would come up again. Rod Fleck, who also serves as the Forks City Attorney, responded that the Timber Lands Advisory Committee had given the recommendation to have the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continue to manage those county trust lands.

Kenneth P. Reandeau has served on the Trust Lands Advisory Committee, and he concurred that the issue, was not likely to be reviewed, again.

Deborah (Deb) Cooke has been concerned about the issue of parking and camping for prolonged periods of time, in non-designated areas, along roadways and elsewhere in the county. She thinks that enforcement of our laws, on this issue, should be a consideration for the Charter.

Therese (Tree) Stokan, thinks that it is a high priority to propose an amendment to ensure potable (usable) water, for all communities in Clallam County, as well as a county-wide plan for emergency preparedness.

Other issues addressed at the Listening Session and Forum included:

Formal representation of the four sovereign tribes, at the county level.

Concern was expressed regarding Smart Meters, TWACS (two-way automated communication systems) and 5G, with regard to health, privacy and security concerns. Calling for a Moratorium on these technologies, by whatever means are available, was proposed, until environmental impact studies are completed.

Rank Choice Voting was proposed.

“No military training exercises, except by the Coast Guard, shall occur on land, sea, or air in or above Clallam County.” was proposed.

Three District 2 Candidates, traveled from the Port Angeles area, eager to learn about the issues affecting the West End of our County:

William Kildall, Kraig Kyllo, and Jane Vanderhoof.

William Kildall suggested that the issues/concerns could be listed under three basic categories: Charter’s Structural Issues, Charter’s Procedural Issues, and Quality of Life Issues, affecting Public Health and Safety.

The next meeting for the Charter Review Commission Listening Sessions and Candidate Forums for the West End is Friday evening in Neah Bay, 1321 Bayview Ave., all meetings are from 6-8 p.m.

Therese (Tree) Stokan

Candidate for District 3

Volunteer Organizer for Charter Review Commission Candidates