FCH Ask an Expert: Colonoscopy

  • Thu Jan 10th, 2019 9:39am
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FCH Ask an Expert: Colonoscopy

“How many years should pass between colonoscopies?”

Colonoscopy should be done at age 50 unless there is a family history of Colon Cancer. If there is a history of Colon Cancer the person should have a colonoscopy prior to that age – usually 5-10 years before. Example: Father had colon cancer at age 49, a son should have a colonoscopy at age 39-44.

If a person has rectal bleeding or spotting, get a colonoscopy ASAP. This holds true no matter the family history.

If polyps are found, colonoscopies need to be done 3-5 years thereafter.

If checked and no polyps are found, it is usually 10 years before you will need another colonoscopy.

“Do I need to see my Primary Care Physician prior to scheduling a colonoscopy?”

Yes, see your primary care physician to get scheduled for a colonoscopy. Most insurance companies require this visit.

“Does my Primary Care Physician do my prostate exam or do I have to get a referral to a specialist?”

Primary care physicians can do the prostate exam, and order labs or tests if needed.

“Do I have to go to Port Angeles to have a colonoscopy?”

No, General Surgeon Dr. Chang can perform your colonoscopy locally at Forks Community Hospital.

Melene Bourm RN, Surgery Manager

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