FIS February Students of the Month

  • Wed Mar 22nd, 2017 1:47pm
  • Life

4th grade —

Elijah Farias-Afterbuffalo

Elijah Farias-Afterbuffalo is 10 years old and lives with his dad, Francisco Farias and older brother, Alvaro. Elijah was selected as Student of the Month for excelling at the trait of responsibility. Elijah has improved on completing math homework since the start of the year. If he did not get it done at home, Elijah completes his work in the morning before school. During class, Elijah is a steady, focused worker. If the teacher asks a question of the whole class, he is engaged in thinking and figuring out an answer. Elijah completes in class assignments and does not get involved in distractions. He can be counted on to follow school expectations without reminders.

Elijah’s friends describe him as funny. He knows how to say small funny things that fit the situation and get a laugh. Like all kids, Elijah likes to play video games. He also can be found outside playing soccer with his neighborhood friends or just doing what kids find to do playing outside.

Elijah would like to be a policeman when he gets older. He would like to chase people with his police car with the siren and flashing lights.

4th grade —

Elver Ramos-Cruz

Elver Ramos-Cruz is the fourth-grade son of Juliana Ramos. Elver is the oldest of three children. He has two little sisters, Grecia and Diadira. When not at school, Elver likes to play tag outside with his little sister. Inside, they like to play hide and go seek. At school he enjoys playing with his friends at recess and learning more about math and reading. Elver likes reading chapter books and reading about Pokemon. When he grows up Elver would like to be a police officer. Elver was chosen to be Student of the Month for his sense of responsibility and the respect he shows to all at Forks Intermediate School. He is a hard worker who always puts his best effort into his work.

5th grade —

Kendall Marshall

Kendall Marshall is a fifth-grade student in Mr. Johansen’s homeroom. Kendall enjoys having many teachers throughout the day. She says that she enjoys meeting the other teachers. The days go by really fast. Her favorite class is Mr. Johansen’s science class because they do a lot of science investigations. Her favorite investigation was air pressure — crushing a can! Kendall enjoys being in band (she plays the flute) and also enjoys Ms. Stewart’s PE class.

When not at school, Kendall enjoys playing outside with her friends. Soccer is a favorite activity and Kendall also a jungle gym with monkey bars and swings. Her best friends are Macy, Rowan and Kierra. Every Wednesday, Kendall participates in the Missionettes at the Assembly of God. She is getting crowned on March 26. Kendall collects snow globes. She tries to add a new snow globe to her collection every time she travels which helps her remember her trips. Kendall lives with her mom, Heidi, her dad, Mike, and her cat Molly. When Kendall is older she would like to study architecture and design new Lego sets. Kendall was selected because she pays excellent attention, works well with others and adds to the class conversation.

5th grade —

Joe Franklin

Joe Franklin is a fifth-grade student in Mr. Johansen’s homeroom. Joe enjoys the interesting things they are doing in class. In ELA, for example, Joe enjoys the writing projects given by Ms. Lewis. He is currently working on a book recommendation project which combines his reading, writing and technology skills. He also enjoyed the STEM activities with air pressure. The class learned how water moved (or didn’t move) when air pressure was applied to water in an Erlenmeyer flask. In math with Mrs. Johansen, Joe is enjoying using geoboards to multiply fractions by fractions.

Joe plays baseball and basketball. He also enjoys fishing with his dad and grandpa. They ocean-fish for bass and salmon. His favorite part of being on the ocean is seeing the sea lions catch their prey and trying to stop them from stealing the fish from the boat. Joe spends time with his mom, Melanie, his sisters Mercy and Molly, and his brother Doug when in Forks. He also stays with his dad Joe and his sister Lucy, when in Marysville along with an extended family. When Joe is older he would like to enlist in the Coast Guard. He is interested in the water rescue specialty. Joe was chosen because he is a hard worker who gets along well with other teammates. He enjoys learning and taking on new tasks.

6th grade —

Gabriella Fuhs

Gabrielle Fuhs is a sixth-grader at Forks Intermediate School. She is 11 years old and the daughter of Gina and Chris Fuhs of Forks. She is a respectful, responsible and a kind young girl. Gabrielle describes herself as energetic, kind, sassy and weird. Her favorite subject in school is science, because Ms. Kearns teaches it and she loves PE, but misses Mr. Wheeler. Gabrielle has many special BFFs, who mean the world to her. She is a loyal and compassionate friend. Fun for Gabrielle means spending time at the beach with her friends.

When she isn’t at school, her hobbies include shopping, jumping on the trampoline, traveling and playing with her pets, Skippy and Roxy the cats, and Dax the dog! She likes hanging out with her family watching movies and hiking. Her favorite movie is “City of Bones,” favorite book is “School for Good and Evil,” favorite TV program is “Stranger Things” and favorite food is pizza. Gabrielle likes to reflect on the world and think about life. She would just love to see The Foo Fighters in concert, the Northern Lights in winter, and the set of a Harry Potter’s movie and Hogwarts. Someday, she would like to travel overseas to London, Paris and Rio. Gabrielle has a free spirit and a twinkle in her eye. Watch out world, here comes Gabrielle!

6th grade —

Matthew Jacobsen

Matthew Jacobsen is a sixthgrader at Forks Intermediate School. He is 12 years old and the son of Susan and Mark Jacobson of Forks. Matthew is happy, good-natured and always willing to help anyone. Matt describes himself as friendly, funny, nice and tall. He is a patient, respectful young man who is always eager to learn and offer insights in class discussions. His favorite subject in school is math because he likes using numbers and feels successful doing math. He also likes recess, science and ELA.

Matthew has an adventuress heart. One of his favorite things to do is jump off the cliff at Devils Punch Bowl! He plays on the Spartan Youth Championship football team and loves the Seattle Seahawks. Matthew also plays basketball and always is ready for a good game of dodgeball. Playing outside with family and friends or fetch with his dogs makes Matthew very happy. Matthew loves his family and enjoys traveling, eating together and having fun with them. They are very important to him. He likes to play video games and watch TV to relax. Mathew is a big Harry Potter fan, his favorite book is “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” His favorite TV show is “Lucifer” and favorite food is chocolate cream pie.

Someday, Matthew would like to see the clock tower in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Niagara Falls. Matthew is a great friend, a hard worker and has a fantastic positive attitude! Keep on following your dreams.