Forks Junior High Students of the Month for April

  • Thu May 3rd, 2018 8:10am
  • Life

Riley Smith is a 7th grader whose parents are Kristi Smith and Dan Smith. Her two favorite subjects are ELA and Math, and her favorite hobbies are taking care of horses and competing in track. Her favorite food is clam chowder, and her dream job is to be a Lab Technician. Staff at FJH report that Riley is a great example of a hard worker who never gives up on herself or her classmates.

She is not afraid to ask questions for clarifications, and she does all of her math homework. One teacher reports, “Riley is a dedicated student. She strives to do her best in every task in front of her. She is willing to put in the extra effort to excel, and she has a positive attitude about her academics and her life. On almost a daily basis, I can count on Riley to tell me some funny moment or memory. She is an asset to Forks Junior High.” Good job on winning Student of the Month, Riley!

Grady Earls is a 7th grader whose parents are Nicole and Jason Earls. His favorite subjects are Social Studies and ELA; his favorite hobbies are playing basketball and making videos for church. His favorite food is mashed potatoes, and his dream job is to be an NBA player.

Staff at FJH report that Grady is a kind, friendly, outspoken, confident leader who leads by example, tries his hardest to accomplish the challenges in front of him, helps everyone stay on track, makes a conscious effort to include others, and works hard when others might goof off. He is consistently focused on doing well in school. One teacher said, “Grady has a high moral compass, a strong work ethic, and a quirky sense of humor. I see peers following his head. He makes the school a better place to be.” Good job on winning Student of the Month, Grady!

Cadence Puksta is an 8th grader whose parents are Levi Puksta and Miranda Puksta. Her favorite subject in school is English, and her favorite things to do outside of school are reading, writing, hanging out with friends, and napping. Her favorite food is pizza, and her dream job is to be a journalist. Her math teacher still hopes her future work will involve mathematics because Cadence is an extraordinarily precise and thoughtful mathematician who perseveres through problems.

One teacher said, “Cadence is one of those students who make you glad you became a teacher. She pays attention, works hard to get the most out of every task, and asks great questions that bring more depth to discussions.” Another teacher said, “Cadence joined us late, but you would never have guessed! She works hard and helps others. Her work is immaculate, and I am glad for the time to get to know her.” Good job on winning Student of the Month, Cadence!

Ashton Doyle is an 8th grader whose parents are Valerie and John Doyle. His favorite subjects in school are Math and PE, and his favorite things to do outside of school are being outside and playing video games and sports. His favorite food is steak and mashed potatoes, and his dream job is to be to be an major league baseball or football player.

Staff at Forks Junior High report that Ashton is a kind, respectful, helpful, and enthusiastic student. His Math and Science teachers both report he is the first one to come to class, and he is excited to start work and be on task. One teacher said, “Ashton has recently taken more a leadership role to finish work and get ahead. He is mature and respectful; he has excellent taste in music, and he gets my jokes.” Good job, Ashton, on winning Student of the Month!

The Student of the Month project is sponsored by Soroptimist International of the Olympic Rain Forest (SIORF). Students of the Month are chosen by their teachers and honored with their parents at school for consistently displaying respect and responsibility for their behavior and academic achievement and always making good choices.