Forks Middle School’s Students of the Month for April

These students were nominated and voted on by the entire Forks Middle School staff to find the students who have consistently shown the highest integrity, commitment, and respect. They are our role models for the Middle School, as they help build a culture of kindness and high expectations. Only 10% of the student body wins this award all year. As a result of winning, they receive a gift card and a certificate from the Soroptimists (and the certificate looks great in their portfolio when applying for scholarships in the future!)

Tannon Gaydeski is Forks Middle School’s Student of the Month for 5th grade. His proud parents are Dustin and Gwenlyn Gaydeski. In school, Tannon’s favorite class is PE, and at home for fun he loves to play video games and “sometimes go outside when it’s not raining.” He is very excited about how close summer is, and he says that he is most looking forward to his family vacation. Staff say that Tannon is energetic, enthusiastic, and kind. In the future, Tannon plans on becoming a professional football player.

Tony Gomez is Forks Middle School’s Student of the Month for 6th grade. His very proud mother is Michelle Shale. Staff report that Tony is hardworking, helpful, and good with technology. Thus, it is without coincidence that Tony reported that his dream job in the future is working with computers. At school, his favorite class is English Language Arts, and his favorite hobby at any time is drawing. This summer, he is really looking forward to sleeping in and spending time with his family.

Samantha Foster is Forks Middle School’s Student of the Month for 7th grade. Her proud parents are Tony and Narse Foster. In school, Samantha loves learning math; outside of school, lately she has been very interested in learning about the science of headaches, and she plans on becoming a neuroscientist in the future. Staff report that Samantha is respectful, responsible, and highly empathetic. This summer, Samantha is excited to spend time with her dog, friends, and family (not necessarily in that order).

Chloe Gaydeski St. John is Forks Middle School’s Student of the Month for 8th grade. Her proud parents are Tabetha Gaydeski and Seth St.John. Chloe is a dedicated athlete: she plays softball, volleyball, and basketball; her favorite class is PE; and in the future, she plans on becoming an athletic trainer, most specifically to help hurt athletes recover and play again. Staff report that Chloe has an extremely strong work ethic and sense of honor, and her 8th grade teachers wish her well in high school next year!

Forks Middle School thanks the Soroptimists and the Larry Hull Foundation for their support.