Going off the Grid Could you live here?

Bounty from the garden ...

Over the past seven months, I have really discovered that I don’t care that much for off-grid living. Now don’t get me wrong, it definitely has its ups but it’s harder than most people realize.

When I see the pictures of a cute little cabin on Facebook with a stupid little caption that says “Could you live here for a month without TV and Internet?” It makes me insane.

No, no most of you couldn’t. It is so much harder than most think. But to be fair, I do live in the middle of nowhere with only shades of green to stare at. Green is becoming one of my least favorite colors.

To drive my time away from all the green I am turning into quite the reader. Like I said before, the early morning reading before everyone gets up … it’s rolled over to whenever I can. I am a book-aholic and I’m on the road to (recovery) Discovery!

Having a garden is awesome, honestly. Every day we pick a small harvest for lunch and dinners. Our jalapeños are delicious. Right now we have tons of blueberries and if I were smart, I’d make something with them but instead we just enjoy them as is. Maybe it’s not a lack of smarts.

My favorite veggie to cook out of our garden is squash. The problem we have been facing is that our soil doesn’t seem to have enough calcium. Some of our vegetables start to grow and then mold away.

A very knowledgeable woman who works with Phil told him that we may want to sprinkle baking soda on the dirt and not to get any on the leaves and to also use crushed egg shells tilled into the soil for the next year. The baking soda has helped! For our first time gardening … I’m just going to chalk all this up to experience points for next year.

I don’t want to name names … but I had a recent guest at my house that has only been out here three times that popped in for just a moment. I was telling her what toilet to use for which activity she needed to do if she of course, had to. It was not happening for her. People are either real freaked out or real excited about the toilets!

Oh, the wine we made is incredible. Don’t worry; I have a couple bottles to share 😉