Going Off the Grid …. Hansel, Gretel and Ralph

Last week I was heading into Subway because no one felt like cooking dinner or doing dishes. While I was waiting .......

Last week I was heading into Subway because no one felt like cooking dinner or doing dishes. While I was waiting in line, a woman in front me had a noticeable voice and then it dawned on me, it was Candy! Candy and I shared a quick hug and then she instructed me to be at her homestead on Saturday to pick up three baby goats. Phil and Ed started working immediately on a fence and shelter for them.


Saturday came and there we were, in love with these three baby goats. What in the hell are we going to do with these goats? We knew we needed them and wanted them but we do not know the first thing about goats. All I knew was that Riyan had found something else besides her books and cheer that she loved. She picked up the female goat like she had done it for years and carried it to the Excursion.

We’ve had the goats for a couple days now and although they are little, they can do some damage to the sticker bushes. If you’re curious about what we named them: Hansel, Gretel and Ralph.

Early mornings, Phil heads out to check to see if our freeloading chickens have laid any eggs. They never do until this morning. Phil ran up our stairs with two small eggs. The chickens finally have earned their keep and won’t become our dinner.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t beg Phil to move me away from our homestead, but now that we have something else besides our chickens, ducks and veggies … I kind of like it. I like the idea of it anyway. It’s rewarding to have the garden producing, the chickens laying eggs and feeding the goats from a bottle. Someday those goats will make me cheese.

We really need to invest in a tractor with all sorts of attachments. The thought of having a bill that is (right now) unnecessary makes me cringe. We live bill free. Everything is paid off, the land, the house, no PUD bill, no water bill … I mean, yeah, I’m paying a small fortune to live “free” but I am going to wait it out as long as I can to get the tractor. The next three weeks should be interesting to see how we operate around the house. Alajiah is on a plane to Wales and I have the boys. Football and cheer are starting; I’m staying at Alajiah’s place sometimes and the driving around starts now. Five children, two full-time jobs (Phil’s and the house/children), nine chickens, six ducks, three goats and two stupid dogs.