Going off the Grid — Part 4 Still figuring it out

  • Thu Jan 14th, 2016 11:37pm
  • Life

Off the grid kids....

by Jaymi Goetze

This last week we have not been able to accomplish much. We have honestly been lazy, day dreaming about all the sinning that could be done in Las Vegas. I already need a small vacation. Everyone’s work schedule is slowing things down a little, too.

Homesteading is actually pretty hard even when I think we are being lazy. The day to day chores are a lot. Doing the dishes with rain water is a pain, lots of wet firewood to sort through and the honey bucket. Oh boy. There is a lot that should get done inside the house.

The rain is welcomed back with open arms, though! There is nothing like falling asleep to the rain. It sounds louder and who doesn’t like smell of fresh air?

My youngest daughter Daphne has been fighting pneumonia. It’s a little different living off the grid with a sick baby than living on the grid. I can’t just plug in the humidifier because I gave it away and finding one to be shipped here or running to town to find a 12-24 volt one is unlikely.

I just won’t find one in time and the sickness will have worked itself out. I put a pot of water (rain water) on the wood stove and let the steam fill the air. I also took her in to the doctor and got her some medicine.

Oh, before I forget, we are still taking showers at Alajiah’s because we still don’t have water. The pump is still … something? I think we will just order a new one … off the Internet that we don’t have.

We have a 5-gallon fresh water tank that we fill up in town. We have three of them all together, plenty of water for drinking and cooking.

We have focused on building a massive triple bunk bed for the girls. Yes, they are sharing a room. They will get over it and love each other. The construction is actually pretty sizable because we have 12-foot ceilings.

Riyan’s space, the loft area is pretty amazing. She is the eldest of my girls, so I guess it means she needs more room. Her space makes an “L” shape. The smallest part of the “L” is for her mattress while the bigger part is left for her books (she is a book-a-holic), a little desk area and plenty of room for her and some friends to goof off.

Her design is very open with guardrails. Harper and Daphne’s will look more like a town house but with the inside adjusted to their personal liking.

The trails are coming along. There is actually quite a bit to explore! We make sure we take little walks at least every other day. The trees smell incredible.

The brush can be a little much to get through but if we arm everyone with a machete, hatchet or tree pruners, we can really make our way through! Just kidding, I would never give the baby anything she could hurt herself with.

But Harper on the other hand … Just don’t question my parenting.;) Alajiah and I have some serious trail and area clearing to do in the morning. If I could just get her and her boys to move out here, we could have the start of a cult, I mean compound! I’m just kidding again! Ha ha, there I go with the cult thing. I promise we are not one; it’s just the running joke now. I hope you can hear the humor in my voice.

We have so much space that we are considering building a small campground for our friends and family to visit whenever they want! I know I have been talking about our hopes and dreams for Rough Branch Farm, but I think I’m just so excited for all the projects to get done, it’s right around the corner that I can just see it all coming together beautifully.