Help rural caregivers connect to a new online workshop

  • Thu Sep 2nd, 2021 1:30am
  • Life

Are you a stressed caregiver for someone with memory loss? A free workshop might help. Sponsored by a federal government grant, this workshop is for family and friends who care for people with memory loss and live in a rural or farming area.

Millions of rural caregivers provide crucial support to family members or friends living with memory loss and dementia. These same caregivers often feel stressed and isolated. An online workshop may help them.

The University of California, San Francisco is conducting a study of a new online caregiver workshop. If caregivers live in a rural or farming area, care for someone with memory loss, are 18 years of age or older, and provide care for at least 10 hours per week, they may qualify.

Caregivers who participate in the study of the workshop will be asked to complete four surveys on their caregiving experiences and will receive up to $80 in cash for doing so.

What does the online workshop offer?

The workshop is accessible to caregivers whenever they want it, day or night. It teaches caregivers new skills to reduce their stress, take better care of themselves, manage difficult behaviors of their family member or friend, and plan for the future. Caregivers also get a workbook to keep, support from other caregivers, and information on community resources.

In addition, Zoom and video capabilities are not required to participate in the workshop.

How can caregivers and others learn more?

Interested caregivers can go to or call the toll-free number 1-833-634-0603 to get more information.

Online registration is ongoing and will continue for months to come. Organizations that work in rural or farming communities or have contact with caregivers can use that same contact information.