Monday …Fun Day!

  • Thu Jun 29th, 2017 10:07am
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Rene Davis, on the left, has lived in Bear Creek since 1955, Gene “Munchie” Halvorson is on the right. Their main concern about being in the parade? They asked, “Do we have to dress up?” Fearing they would back out … I said, “NO.” Photo Christi Baron

By Christi Baron

Forks Forum Editor

You know it is going to be a trying day when you wake up and think it is Sunday when it is actually Monday. But, I love my job so even after that realization I jumped out of bed ready to take on the day.

Shortly after arriving at work there was a weird power outage that knocked out what I think was a vital piece of equipment and my Internet connection went down. After tracing down the problem and rearranging some plugs I was back up and running, but the piece of vital equipment chirped like a dying bird for another half an hour.

I am involved with the Fourth of July parade and was planning to finalize all the parade honorees on Monday and get a photo and a little information that would appear in the paper. I contacted John Buonpane, who also is involved with the parade, to confirm the Grand Marshal and we had no Grand Marshal, but he was in the presence of Rene Davis and he said, “Hey, Rene do you want to be Grand Marshal?” Next thing I know Rene is in my office and he tells me he can’t be Grand Marshal because he is driving the 1928 Nash Golf Club Coupe, a vehicle that came with the Rixon house and was used by the Clallam Timber Company and was eventually owned by the late Ted Spoelstra.

While in my office Rene said, “I think Munchie should be the Grand Marshal.” Then John showed up and he liked the idea, (sure he liked it because we are getting desperate here, but it was a great idea.) Munchie is Gene Halvorson and a few phone calls later Munchie was in my office. I said, “Rene, you drive Munchie in the parade.” Rene agreed, Munchie agreed … one problem solved.

Gene “Munchie” Halvorson is the 2017 Grand Marshal. He is 79 years old. So how did Munchie get his nickname? He says it started when his business, Halmor Ford, sponsored the school lunch menu on the local radio station, KVAC, in the late 1960s. The announcer would say, “Hey Munchie … look what’s for lunch today!” When Munchie sold Halmor Ford he signed an agreement that he would not be a mechanic for 10 years so he bought log trucks and ran H&H Trucking for 10 years. When 10 years was up he sold them and went back to being a mechanic. Munchie has 14 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Next, I found out the Home Town Hero that rides on the float … was unable to do it due to a family emergency … I called Phil Arbeiter with the American Legion. “Help … I need a veteran.” You will have to attend the parade to see who will be honored!

Boyce Woody will be representing the West End Historical Society as the West End Pioneer. Boyce is an amazing lady in her 90s! There will be a full story on Boyce next week.

In the middle of all this, I was putting the paper together, taking a photo at the Buonpane yard and Rusty Gate and finalizing the Moonlight Madness proofs. Also for Moonlight Madness, please buy something at True Value so that Bob does not resort to the chick giveaway again next year.

If you have tried to contact me via Facebook, I am not ignoring you … I have not been able to access Facebook for four long, long days.

Finally … This year the parade will not have Ted Spoelstra’s Calliope, a staple in the parade for many years — it is up for auction in July. Rene would like to start a fund to buy it so it can be in the parade every year. Rene also is wondering if someone has the log book for the 1928 Nash? Please look in your attic … Have a great Fourth of July.