One thing leads to another ….

  • Fri Aug 10th, 2018 1:46pm
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One thing leads to another ….

With all the arguing and fussy from people about politics it is amazing that as of Monday evening only 33 percent of Clallam County voters had turned in a ballot for the Primary election. Enough about politics.

FOFA meeting

Clallam County Commissioner Bill Peach met with members of Friends of Forks Animals at their monthly meeting at the Forks Library last week. The group is asking the commissioner to help with animal control in this end of the county. Residents pay taxes that pay for that service but rarely see any coverage.

Members of FOFA have been frustrated with the response when they ask for assistance with neglected or abused animals and have been told it might be two weeks before they get help. The group shared that sheriff’s deputies have been helpful, but they can’t transport animals. One animal control person covers the entire county. Commissioner Peach said he would look at budgeting ideas to increase the service to this end of the county.

FOFA said the dumping of animals is a huge problem: just recently, the group has assisted with 11 dogs that were abandoned. For more information about FOFA or information about spaying and neutering your pets, call 360-374-3332.


Anna Matsche from Native to Twilight recently held a fundraiser to benefit the fire department’s new Swift Water Rescue activities. The group needs a raft to use in rescue situations.

The raffle ran from July 7-31 and collected about $530. About $3,300 is still needed to buy a raft to use in rescues.

Winners of the volunteer fire department swift water rescue raffle were: $25: Richard Lohneis, Paddle: Pam Nelson, Kayak: Ken Bechtold. The drawing was held July 31 at the Forks fire hall.

In other fundraising efforts, Eileen Duncan of Clallam Bay has been trying to find a way to raise money to help buy new/safe equipment for the Clallam Bay Bruins football team. You may not know Eileen but you may remember her dad, Glenn Duncan; he was the man that created the “Timber Beast” cartoons. Eileen is currently dealing with some serious health issues and she needs some help!

If anyone has any ideas regarding funding for school athletics please contact the Forks Forum. Thanks!

Ask the Forks Forum

I received a call from a reader asking about a story from the 1970s whereby a couple died from drinking foxglove tea.

Foxglove, also called Digitalis purpurea, is a biennial garden plant that contains digitoxin, digoxin and other cardiac glycosides. These are chemicals that affect the heart. Digitalis is poisonous; it can be fatal even in small doses. It was the original source of the drug called digitalis. In the 1940s, locals on the West End picked the leaves and sold them for use in heart medication.

A native plant of England, it was introduced to the U.S. as an ornamental plant. Although I did not find a story in the 1970s I did find a story in the 1960s about a Toledo, Wa., couple dying from drinking foxglove tea, having mistaken it for the comfrey plant. They both suffered massive heart attacks.

I also found a story from the 1930s where a Port Angeles resident was all excited about finding a foxglove plant in her yard and was then a bit disappointed to find they grew all along the roadside on the east side of town.

And the last thing …

While looking for the foxglove story, I found a photo of an open house for the Forks High School carpentry class from 1974 and posted it on Facebook. If you were a student of that class or live in one of the 16 homes that were built by the class, I would love to hear from you.

Christi Baron