Peninsula College Announces President’s List and Honor Roll for Fall Quarter 2022 (West End Students)

A student who is enrolled in Peninsula College and completes at least 12 quarter hours of credit in courses numbered 100 or above for which grade points are assigned receives no incomplete grades and earns a quarterly grade point average of not less than 3.90 will be named to the President’s List.

President’s List

Evan Brady, Maxwell Buckner, Mary Cortez-Vazquez, Rebecca Ellis, Melisa Galindohernandez, Hannah Gates, Mary Hahn, Amya Hampton, Mary Johnson, John Lenahan, Christina Lewis, Luis Maldonado-Rodriguez, Audrey Pilatti, Shauna Rondeau, Juleah Sternback, Annhelica Wells, Jade Williams.

A student who meets the criteria listed above but who earns a quarterly grade point average for the quarter of not less than 3.60 will be named to the Honor Roll.

Honor Roll

Ethan Bello, Savannah Goodrich, Gavin Hahn, Jaden Halttunen, Olivia Howell, Antonia Joaquin Pedro, Rylee Kennedy, Sandra Martinez-Pablo, Florentina Matias Pablo, Ezrah Ray.

At graduation, a student who completes a degree having earned 45 college-level credits at Peninsula College with a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 or higher will be awarded the President’s Medal for scholarly excellence.