Rediscovering Oil City is a website focused on topics and information that Oil City landowners as well as others who live in or visit

Editors note: I discovered a Facebook page and website titled OilCityWashington. Intrigued, I contacted the creator and discovered her name is Ruth Katz and she has owned Oil City property for about four years. I asked her to share some information about what is happening at Oil City. Christi Baron is a website focused on topics and information that Oil City landowners as well as others who live in or visit this area of the peninsula may enjoy.

Oil City was platted in the 1920s after the discovery of oil in the area. Because commercial quantities of oil never were produced, the remote platted community of Oil City remains mostly undeveloped, but rich in history and recreational value.

When my husband and I purchased our Oil City property I found it difficult to locate pertinent information regarding the remote community.

After a couple of years of collecting web links and other local information, I decided the information that I had gathered might be helpful or of interest to others. I had built websites for businesses in the past and decided that building a website about Oil City would be a great way to organize and share information related to the remote community.

The website also provides a great platform for sharing tiny cabin information, camping tips, camp and cabin recipes and sustainable living ideas.

Because Oil City, is remote I decided that Facebook would be a convenient interface for the website to connect with others in the local area. So many awesome people and organizations reside in this area of the peninsula that are active on Facebook. I’m looking forward to sharing more of this rich local culture with the website and Facebook readers in the future.

I’m also very excited about the online store. I think the Oil City T-shirts, hats and other gear provide a great way to feel connected to the remote community. Because Forks is the nearest “metropolitan” area to Oil City, the online store features a section of great Forks gear as well.

Besides helping those seeking information related to Oil City, I thought it would be nice if the website could help other communities.

To accomplish this I decided to donate proceeds from the online store to Heifer International. I really admire Heifer International’s vision of creating change and opportunity through environmentally sustainable methods.

I also believe in Heifer International’s concept of passing on the gift for creating an ever-expanding network of peace, harmony and equality on the planet.

I never imagined there would be so much interest in when I created it. It’s really inspiring reading all the emails from readers saying how much they enjoy the website, sharing information and even wanting to know how they can purchase Oil City real estate.

I think the secret to’s success is sharing with others. Magic happens when you care about and help others … and I definitely believe this area of the peninsula is magical.