Spartan Spectator

Keira Johnson: ASB President

By Eram’e Tost and Kendall Marshall

Forks High School Journalism’s mission in the Spartan Spectator is to recognize and highlight achievements made by students at Forks High School. Every month, a student will be recognized as a Spectator Star. These students present the best of Forks High School and make a difference in their community.

This month’s Spectator Star is Keira Johnson. Keira is a senior at Forks High School and is ASB President. Aside from her role as president, Keira is an active member of National Honor Society, FCCLA, and Link Leadership. After graduating, Keira hopes to attend school for basketball or physical therapy.

Journalism wished to interview Keira about her duties and impact on the school during her short one-year term as ASB President, which she had been elected to do. Eram’e Tost conducted the interview with Keira Johnson.

Eram’e: Hello.

Keira: Hey.

Eram’e: How’s it going?

Keira: Good.

Eram’e: Alright then, let’s get started. My first question we have for you is what motivated you to run for ASB President?

Keira: I thought I was a good fit, I am responsible and a good leader. I wanted to make a change in the school.

Eram’e: Good answer. With the end of the semester quickly approaching, what do you think ASB has achieved?

Keira: I think ASB has achieved running assemblies, homecoming, decorations around the school, school spirit, and becoming leaders. ASB is currently working on basketball posters to hang in the gym.

Eram’e: What does a typical class period look like for ASB?

Keira: Mrs. Highfield gives us weekly tasks to complete, such as writing assembly scripts, or right now working on January birthday tags.

Eram’e: Being ASB president, what changes would you like to see made in this school year under your leadership?

Keira: I would like to make students more involved. I want to increase students’ participation during spirit week and assemblies.

Eram’e: My final question for you, as a Senior, is there any advice you would like to offer to Juniors interested in running for President in the future?

Keira: I would suggest that they remember they have to speak in front of the school. They should also have good communication skills with other students.

Eram’e: Thank you for your time.

Keira: Thank you.

Stay tuned next month to see who the Spectator Star is for February.

Shine on Spartans!