The Monday-ist Monday ever

  • Wed Nov 17th, 2021 11:22am
  • Life

Monday’s are always stressful …but as the lights blinked several times Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, my usual Monday anxiety intensified.

As I got to the end of Merchant Road I could see that I could not see the “other” Merchant Road …as a matter of fact, I could not see a good deal of Calawah Way …it was covered in water! The non-stop rain overnight had done a number on the ditches …even the Cemetery was flooded.

As I made my way down Calawah Way I could see there was trouble brewing for some residents, as it appeared they were going to wake up with water in their homes. On Division Street the City Hall parking lot was under water.

Driving down Spartan Avenue the north end was completely flooded (later a drift boat was seen in that area) and I turned around in the empty school parking lot. Arriving at the office I was happy to see I was not flooded. But I spent the day watching as the Peninsula College parking lot kept getting deeper and the water started heading across Mainstreet.

Behind my office on E street, there was quite a current going down the road!

As I attempted, to do my normally-crazy Monday activities, the lights continued to blink ….and then things got crazier as the City issued an Emergency Notice regarding the flooding and there was a call for help to fill sandbags.

As I shared photos and updates on social media, regarding the flooding activities, the RAC was opened for people who needed it, as I listened to the scanner, rescues near Three Rivers were happening, a tree fell on a car near the Hoh, the Ambulance Crew was not sure they could make it due to several slides south of town.

WSDOT contacted me in the afternoon and asked if I could share a list of closed roads etc.

I heard of people helping people as the Forks Community Hospital sent the Long Term Care van to assist with those rescued from Three Rivers; others were offering their homes and RV’s for those stuck due to the slides on the Lake and then … the Elwha Bridge was closed.

Clallam Transit called and asked if I would post that there would be no Forks/PA bus runs until further notice. Then …something sort of fun happened as the Weather Channel contacted me and asked to use a video I had posted of a huge tree making its way down the Hoko River. So I put them in contact with Will Jasper, who had shared his video with me.

Then the rain let up …the water started to recede. Nerissa called from the city to see if I needed sandbags, I said it looked like my office was going to be spared.

So the paper did get done …but who knows when anyone will get it!

Christi Baron, Editor