Trick or Treat in Forks

By Elizabeth Graeme

I am super excited about my first American Trick or Treating. I have been living in Denmark for the last couple of years and Trick or Treating there is very different than here.

In Denmark they let you know they have candy by putting a lit pumpkin in the driveway or on the porch, but here it was really hard to tell!

Many houses with tons of cool decorations all lit up were empty and had no candy. Also in Denmark most of the candy is homemade, like popcorn balls or fresh roasted marshmallows, or they give handfuls of small candies.

This year I dressed up as Pikachu from Pokémon. I like Pikachu because she is so cute, my friend Zoe is also going to dress up as something I like. My mom and dad dressed up as Pokémon with me. I also saw three different people dressed up as bananas, they were very appealing!

We got the local business Trick or Treat schedule but it was very hard for me to understand that they were on different times and days. It was hard to know if they were giving out candy or not.

I went to my first Truck or Treat and it was great, and crowded. I saw Smokey the bear (he gave great candy!) My favorite stall was the pretend car dealership with the people dressed up as wacky arms, I thought they were hot dogs! I also saw a dog dressed up as a witch, it was soooo cute. When we went from house to house I got some amazing treats, one family had a giant popcorn machine and we got fresh popcorn, that was super fun, and a nice change from candy. I liked the animals there too. I also got apples and lots of other great things at other houses, and only one pencil! Many people said they did not get many kids this year, but maybe I was really early?

My favorite part of everything was the candy part.

Elizabeth Graeme is a 3rd grade Forks resident and is sad she won’t be here next year because her Dad will be posted overseas soon. She hopes they will go to Ireland because they celebrate Halloween like we do.