Welcome Cannabis Coast & Puffin Café!

You may have heard by now that The Smoke House is being transformed into a recreational marijuana shop. ........

By Jaymi Goetze

You may have heard by now that The Smoke House is being transformed into a recreational marijuana shop. There has been a lot of talk around town dispelling excitement because “pot” is now recognized and legal.

I had the chance to sit down with Robert Guetter, the facilities operation manager and owner of the world-famous Puffin Café which sits on the Columbia River in Washougal.

Robert aka Mr. Puffin greeted me in very professional manner; he was dressed nicely, his tone was inviting and instead of a handshake he gave me a hug. It made me feel welcomed.  Rob has been in the hospitality business for 29 years, so he knows a thing or two. Rob walked me around, explained the plans, what part of the building was what and also new additions.

Let me start off by saying, wow! The inside of The Smoke House has really, really transformed! Upstairs, the bar has had a complete facelift.

This is where Cannabis Coast has settled. The room is painted a forest green color and trimmed with colored brick. It has a very calm feeling to it.

There are display cases that will hold edible products (fruit chews/brownies), dabs, etc. The 75-100 different cannabis (flowers/oil) will be behind a steel plated room that only employees will have access to.

Don’t worry, you will know what there is and its effect. The staff also is very knowledgeable if you have any questions. You must be 21 years of age, show ID and be buzzed in. Sounds intimidating?

It’s not. You don’t realize you’re being recorded by the 68 live cameras, honestly. Before you go in to do your cannabis shopping, you’re standing in a gift shop full of pipes, bongs, (all blown by local artists), vape pens and little glass puffin birds, T-shirts that say “Respect the Locals.” It’s very classy and not just a head shop.

It’s an experience. Cannabis Coast is a very high-end boutique that is safe and not by any means, embarrassing.

The restaurant still will be a restaurant and serve lunch and dinner. The world-famous Puffin Café is moving in!

The Puffin Café offers Caribbean cuisine, pirate cooking and spirits. Rob would like to add a couple local items (hopefully elk) to the menu as well.

The restaurant will really blow you away! It has an industrial rustic feeling to it, designed by Rob’s wife, Jennifer Guetter. A beautiful old-growth log that has been sanded and shined to work as bar seating and a lunch counter backed by corrugated steel. The restaurant is family friendly and is an experience itself.

There is hoped to open a growler bar downstairs as well. The building is putting good use to all the space!

There will be a couple of soft openings, hopefully by the end of the week. After all is up and running, Green Tours will be introduced!

What’s a Green Tour? Very simple: a pot-inspired bed and breakfast, tours of the beaches, hiking, guided fishing and hunting tours and teaching you some history on Forks all while being environmentally conscious.

Between all the businesses that will be put into this soon to be destination corner, 50-60 people will be employed.