Nothing says happy Monday morning like waking up to a squirrel in your living room. How do you know...........

Nothing says happy Monday morning like waking up to a squirrel in your living room.

How do you know there is a squirrel in your living room? Well, the sound the squirrel makes is a lot louder … than when they are outside your living room.

The first thing I did was remove the squirrel-killing animals. That would mainly be our dog Cubby, the squirrel terminator. As a matter of fact we just had a squirrel termination a few weeks ago … luckily there are about another 100 squirrels left.

I sequestered Cubby and the other two dogs, just for less insanity, to the bathroom. Once they were locked down I went to see where the squirrel was. It was sitting ever so politely on top of a clock on the brick above the wood stove … a few years ago my husband told me he thought he saw a squirrel looking at him from behind the wood stove … this time the squirrel didn’t just look, it came all the way in.

Next I went and got my bird net. As my husband gave “directions” I attempted to net the squirrel. I missed the first time and the second time I had him. Unfortunately, there was a hole in the net and my husband said, “Don’t let it get on the floor or you will be screwed” … the squirrel jumped to the floor, I was screwed. Next I opened all windows and doors and directed the squirrel to the open front door. I lost sight of him at the top of the basement stairs … Did he go down or out?

So, into the basement, no squirrel, my cat Suzy accompanied me, she also “likes” squirrels. Back upstairs, I swept the net under every piece of furniture, no squirrel … all I got was dog hair. This morning there was no squirrel alarm.

In other news …

Last week it was reported that Stephenie Meyer would be attending the annual September event all things Twilight, formerly Stephenie Meyer Days/Bella’s Birthday now renamed Forever Twilight in Forks. I know you are saying to yourself, as you sit in your living room in Thomas Addition, Ford Park or any other neighborhood on the West End, “Who cares.” But really, as much as some don’t understand Twilight or are miffed because they have to stand in line longer, it really is a good thing. Twilight has brought us some of the nicest tourists a town could ever ask for. Except for that one that got mad at the pop machine in front of City Hall, when I worked there. We told her it was really a Port Angeles pop machine and don’t hold it against Forks. We also offered her some water. Still mad, she said we were the funkiest town she had ever been in. I am sure there are funkier towns that also have their share of non-working pop machines. While she was memorable, she was an exception to the great families and friends that come to Forks for Twilight.

Lost dog

Please take a look at the lost dog ad on page 10, of Brie, a Boston terrier. Brie and her people, Clark and Debbie Green of Sequim, have been camping at Three Rivers Resort for years and on Aug. 25 she disappeared from their campsite. Store surveillance cameras seem to show she was dog-napped. The Greens are heartbroken and are desperate to find Brie. If you have any information or have seen Brie, please do the right thing and help her get back home.

Update: Brie was located at a home in Forks on Thursday afternoon..Sept. 3! Clark, Debbie and Brie are back together…


Dean Liedtke

I don’t think Dean Liedtke ever met a stranger. He always was ready to strike up a conversation wherever and whenever anyone was willing to listen. I had just visited with him at the “Spoons Cafe” a couple weeks ago. Dean died unexpectedly on Aug. 25 from a heart attack. Many may be familiar, too, with Dean’s wife Sue. Sue has been the subject of many recent mega-garage sales put on by Judy McClanahan to help with medical expenses as she waits for a kidney transplant. Dean, being a good husband, recently cashed in his life insurance so that money could help with Sue’s needs. And who thinks they are going to die … tomorrow? Most people I would guess don’t. Dean’s family is asking for help with his funeral expenses and has set up a “Go fund me” account, just search Dean Liedtke.